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Thank goodness for hangovers

I remember the morning well. It was a Sunday. The night before a few of us had been out for beers and whiskey. I had brewed a pot of coffee and started doodling in my sketchbook. Then I remembered about Franks post on FB for ideas for a new logo for his forthcoming album FTHC.

The Big Idea

So I started scribbling down ideas. I got into the mindset of making the logo being more punk than his other artwork. Something that could be quickly painted on a wall and was instantly recognisable. I hit upon the idea of bold brush strokes. Simple and in your face. I took to Illustrator and messed around with different layout and brush styles and quickly got to the version you can now see EVERYWHERE!

FTHC poster
FTHC poster in the wilds of London!

So, I submitted it and didn’t think about it again until a couple of weeks later. I received an email from Polydor asking if I was the creator of the artwork and that Frank loved it and wanted to use it. I was blown away and didn’t quite believe it. Until I received an email from Frank saying he loved the logo and wanted to use it. Then began the process of sorting the final files that would be used across all formats, merch, posters etc.

Still blows my mind

The album is now number one in the UK album charts. My artwork is in people’s homes all over the UK and soon the world. Every time I load social media, I see people sharing photos of their vinyl or CDs. I walk down the high street and see posters on walls and in record store windows. I have had messages from friends congratulating me. Emails from people all over the world wanting me to work with them. To say this has changed my business would be an understatement.

I would like to thank Frank for choosing my design. You will never know what this means to me, personally and as a business. The album kicks ass and cannot wait to see it on tour!

FTHC signed

The Hard Sell

If you have any projects you would like to discuss, please get in touch. I would love to help get your ideas out there. From branding to magazines to websites, I am sure I can help your business / band stand out from the rest.